Immigration to life - to be continued part 2


                Part 2.

    The cars stopped at the edge of the forest. Four strong young guys got out and pulled out, one might say for the collar, of Vlad. One of them pulled out a knife and cut the ropes on Vlad’s hands. Relieved, he rubbed the wrists of his swollen hands. Another took a shovel from the trunk of the car and threw it at Vlad's feet.
-Oh, dig.
“What to dig?” Vlad asked startledly.
“I can dig myself.” He barked back.
How trite and stupid, Vlad thought.
“And what, it didn’t come up with anything more original than digging a grave?” He continued to ask questions.
-You speak more originally, it’s easier, you can do it easier, but first you dig a grave, it will be calmer.
-I don’t understand, at first you kidnap me, I beat you demanding money, which I don’t have. You act outrageously, in the end I have a roof from them and get the money. Before he could finish the sentence, several shots rang out from the bushes and the two big men fell dead. Vlad also fell, but for self-preservation. Then, someone's voices screamed and finally Vlad saw Smirnov Sergey. From the heart relieved.

  To the great surprise of Asaf, as well as the rest of the brotherhood itself, the search for Vlad did not take long and hard work and time. On the tip of one of the pickpocket thieves, who was familiar with one brother from the team of Likhodeys who captured Vlad, he then leaked information about the mountain-hostage. This was all resolved without any difficulty but with lots of blood. Fortunately, not from Asaf.

  Vlad came to his senses for a long time. Asaf sent him with his family to the Caucasus so that he would gain strength and calm down from all the troubles. Dina was pleased with such a decision. Quickly packed his things, collected everything necessary and on the road, they went in their car, accompanied by a team of skinheads at Asaf’s insistence.

  The Caucasus greeted them cordially, and besides, Vlad had a lot of relatives here. First of all, they arrived in Pyatigorsk to Vlad's cousin Marina. Oh, she was a gorgeous woman in every sense of the word. Strong-willed, smart, and beauty-words could not be found. But about her later, she will play a very important role in his life, thanks to her and her mind he, that is, Vlad will remain alive, but more on that later. In the meantime, I offer you a short break with a cup of coffee and a cigarette, if you smoke. The continuation will be in the second chapter.

After a vacation in Pyatigorsk and generally in the North Caucasus, Vlad and his family returned to Moscow. The usual noise of din, crush at the Kursk station. Vlad and his family returned by train, it was painfully difficult and had a long journey by car with the child. The guard will return later, but not alone with his sister Marina and niece Ksenia.

  The house was greeted with ordinary calm. Vlad and Dina, tired of the road, entrusted the baby to their housekeeper, and they went to rest and put themselves in proper shape. A routine of daily work began.
 Despite all the warnings and decrees of Asaf, Vlad chose to lead his ordinary life, work-home, home-work. Days passed, as usual, meetings with business partners in the afternoon, evening, Asaf Evdaevich and old acquaintance Sergey Sergeevich who joined them became more frequent in two. It was announced to Vlad that the monthly collection amount had tripled and now is only just fifty thousand North American dollars. What Vlad wanted to object, but the completely changed and unfriendly look of Sergei Sergeyevich cooled his speech. Vlad ended up in a doubly unprofitable situation. On the one hand, he now had to support his own security guards imposed by Asaf, and on the other, pay the rent to him. It all looked completely unfriendly, but for what they fought for it and ran into it. Vlad really realized that the loop was already thrown around his neck and not at all slowly, but was rapidly contracting and there are no more friends here. Just the life of a new Russian businessman and that’s it. One on one, with himself and his thoughts and deeds.
  One of the past gloomy days, a black big car drove up to Vlad’s house, I don’t remember, in my American Cadillac SUV. Young well-built guys came out, there were four of them. Two stood near the front door and two dared to enter without any permissions and permissions to the house of Vlad.
-Gather up, Sergey Sergeevich is waiting for you for a conversation. One of them has grimly and politely not issued.
Vlad was bewildered by the impudence and unceremoniousness of these bull-calves. He had nothing to say, he silently spread his hands and quite, as it seemed, helplessly headed into the back of the house.
-Wait, I need to change clothes. All that he could squeeze out.
   They drove in silence along the road, Vlad looked out the window and wondered why Sergey Sergeyevich was calling him, and with all this, without Asaf. After all, it was he Sergei Sergeyevich who thought of Asaf to raise the rent to fifty thousand, although he knew that things were not entirely good. Okay, let’s figure it out, see what he’s invented there, he’s an innovator of horseradish. God, as they all got me already. The car was driven by one of Vlad's acquaintances, so there wasn’t much fear and he drove quietly.
-Andrewha, turn on the Circle or something, something boring. Vlad asked.
-Yes not a question. He answered and turned on the cassette, the music began to play, popular and loved as it seemed to me in all circles-Girl Pye performed by Mikhail Krug.
  In the house of Vlad, the phone rang, Dina picked up the phone.
Hello, who is it? She asked.
-This is my favorite, I came to you as promised, here I am standing at the station calling you.
-Ilyusha, dear, how good and most importantly you arrived on time, let's take a taxi to me too. She fluttered flutteredly, smiled.
“I’m just alone, Vlad left, and I think I won’t appear soon, so I’ll wait for you faster, my beloved.” She kissed the phone several times and put it on the phone.

  The car stopped at the entrance to the house where Sergey Sergeyevich lived. Vlad went out, looked at the sky, the sun had already passed far after noon and lazily shone on the walls of old, powerful Moscow houses. There was a feeling of laziness, drowsiness and peace. Not a breeze, Vlad thought for some reason and entered the porch. One of the escort ran after him. They went up to the second floor and rang the doorbell.
  the door opened, they went inside the apartment.
  Sergey Sergeevich was in his office and was not alone, a crazy guy of about thirty was almost running around the floor in some kind of floor, so Vlad rated him.
-Oh, here he is our long-awaited Vladimir.Sergey Sergeyevich got up and went to Vlad, his face was the same tight smile.
-That I want to immediately introduce you to each other, I hope you will become partners. You understand Vlad. He hugged his shoulder and they went to the table.
-This young man his name is Seryozha Mavrodi, a person already known as you guessed. Now Seryozha is a deputy from, oh well, Seryozha is Volodya, we just call him Vlad. Sergey Sergeevich invited the guests to sit down at a huge, lacquered, oak table and lit a cigar as a capitalist from Soviet cartoons. Vlad did not quite understand why all this was necessary, but he realized who was in front of him.

    A brief description of the biography and activities of Sergei Mavrodi.
In 1989, he founded the MMM cooperative, on the basis of which he created several dozen commercial structures, including the MMM JSC, which became the largest financial pyramid in the history of Russia, from which, according to various estimates, from 10 to 15 million people suffered. February 1, 1994 shares went on free sale. In just six months, unprecedented results were achieved in other structures: 15 million depositors, an accumulation of a third of the country's budget, 127-fold increase in stock prices, but that’s not all. What did the notorious MMM do? oh well, let’s leave this in the past, in the end we are talking about Vlad.
  -You understand Vlad, your company, it would not be bad to unite, or rather join the MMM, understand MOSZHILTORG itself does not represent anything, well, do you understand me?
“Of course, I understand everything.” “A dash of two, Vlad thought to himself.
- There are no problems, the main thing is money, but as I understand it, there is plenty of money and there is nothing to worry about. Vlad understood that this was the end, the end of his entire business, his company and of course the future. The fear took possession of Vlad, but he did not give a look and only agreed and nodded his head in a friendly manner.
- Seryozha, tomorrow you will send your lawyers to the company, Vlad will give you all the details, well, you will discuss everything there and decide for yourself. Sergey Sergeyevich got up, took a bottle of cognac and three glasses from the bar.
-Well, my friends, we will drink this potion for a deal, I dare to notice a successful deal. He grumbled with malice.
Vlad and Sergey held out glasses, they clinked glasses and drank.
- Well then, until tomorrow, I will wait in the company, I think Sergey will suit you at one o'clock in the afternoon? Vlad got up from his chair and held out his hand to Mavrodi.
  - Yes, of course, my lawyers, and I myself will be at the office at one o’clock in the afternoon. Mavrodi held out his hand to Vlad.
- Yes you wait, where are you in a hurry Volodya, sit down come on, let's sit down, do not rush. He pressed Vlad's shoulder hard and he sat in his chair. Sergey Sergeyevich walked around the office and from a corner, beautiful cabinet he took out a medium-sized leather bag.
-Wooo, he held out
-That she is, Vlad catch you. And he threw the bag at Vlad’s feet.
-Well, what do you, open, tear off, it's all for you, and Asaf does not need to know everything about this, do you understand me well? Pouring himself and the guests he said.
- As you say, I will do so. Vlad gulped down a filled glass, opened the bag. There was money, a lot of money in American dollars. He closed it and tried to say goodbye to Sergey Sergeyevich and Mavrodi for the second time. He did not stop detaining him anymore and, having called a strong man, ordered Vlad to be taken home.
  Dina met Ilya, with joy and enthusiasm, yes, they were lovers. Well, come on and let, but why did she need to change? Of course, it was easier and more honest to get away from Vlad and that's it, so far all this is not clear.
Dina just dragged Ilya into the bedroom, like a starving cat, she began to literally tear off clothes from Ilya, kiss his body and put him on the bed. Of course I could describe this whole scene of love joys, but I won’t, because I myself it’s very vile and disgusting to recall all this and besides to describe all its dirt.
 After sex, they went down to the hall and Dina offered something to drink, Ilya agreed and sat down on the sofa. Dina's cheeks burned like rubies in the sun, she all exuded the bliss of a satisfied female.
“Darling, you know, I don’t want you to go to the hotel, I think it's better to have a friend of mine here, I’ll call him now. She put a wine glass on the coffee table and went to the phone.
-Hello, Marik, hello, it's me Dina. Listen to my request.
-Oh Dinak hello, hello how many years how many winters.

   Marik, the young show is someone there, I don’t remember. I know that he is gay and Vlad was not friends with him, he was disgusted with him, but Dina was very nice and even friends with him. Marik was generally calm and intelligent man and understood that Vlad did not like him at all and therefore avoided meeting with him.
  -Marik, I’m saying a request to you, a little one. Dina flirted.
-Oh girlfriend, tell me what happened to you there, again your Othello is furious, huh?
- No, Marik, in short, will you be home now in the next half hour?
- Yes, of course, right here and I will sit in this very place.
- Great, wait for me, I'll be right there.
-Okay, but I don’t have a girlfriend of your favorite wine. Marik switched to a very flirty tone.
-Marik what are you talking about, it's not a matter of bringing two bottles, no three.
- He’s for this I love you, let's wait.
Dina put down the phone and said that they need to hurry. Ilya obediently got up and took his backpack and they left the house.
Dina's car swept past the SUV in which Vlad was driving. Where is she looking at night. Vlad thought.
-Oh Dina’s car Volodya, look. Driver Andrei said turning to Vlad.
- Probably I went after David. He answered thoughtfully through his teeth.
-It would be better to hire a nanny, now it is very fashionable, if I have a friend, a pretty little girl, a cool little girl. Andrey continued.
-It's good if I let you know.
- They agreed, just you know, I promised to help her, but somehow everyone doesn’t reach her hands.
-Okay, well Andryukha, we’ll come up with something.
 The car slowly drove up to the porch of the house, Vlad said goodbye, took his bag and went home.
-That bitch didn’t even close the door. Vlad cursed angrily and entered the house.
  Dina and Ilya drove up to Marik’s house.
“You see here while you stay with him, and then you will see what and how, have your beloved agreed?” She took him by the chin and kissed him.
-Moved your favorite. Ilya hissed. They entered Marik's house.
-Hello, Marik muttered, why didn’t you warn that you will not be alone, but with such a nice gentleman?
-Marik calm down, this is my gentleman, now pour the wine, otherwise the throat is dry. She held out a bag with bottles of wine.
“Oh, oh, oh, my gentleman, what am I claiming?” He curled his ass worse than a woman and went into the kitchen.
-Go to the hall and settle down. Marik shouted.

                The end part 2.