Immigration to life - to be continued part 3

                Part 3

Restaurant "Armenia" in Moscow is located in the heart of the Russian capital - on Tversky Boulevard. This is one of the most beautiful and colorful restaurants in Moscow now, where guests are offered to taste traditional dishes of Armenian cuisine, to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and grandeur.
Restaurant "Armenia" on Tverskaya is proud of its original interior, the design of which eminent masters from Armenia worked on. Three halls differ in the style of decoration, but each of them is made in Armenian motifs. Majestic columns, luxurious staircases with wrought iron railings, moldings on the ceiling, natural wood on the floor, walls and countertops, expensive carved furniture, soft sofas with velvet upholstery, incredible beauty crystal chandeliers, living plants, numerous paintings and murals with national Armenian ornaments - everything you can admire it by visiting the Armenia Restaurant on Tverskaya. Each detail of the interior is handmade, the craftsmen put a piece of soul into their work, which cannot but be felt when you first enter the room. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail in order to create a truly unforgettable atmosphere for you. "Armenia" is a restaurant that will not leave indifferent any of its guests! This I assure you now in 2019. But then in the nineties, in the heyday and revelry of banditry (the Russian mafia), it was a tavern for the gathering of authoritative thieves in law, a den of criminal showdowns and punishments. I do not presume to describe the current institution- (I just do not have the right to write what I dont know) -but then it was really like that.
   An iron, heavy door with a creak opened, damp and blood hit in the face. Asaf wrinkled and went inside the basement of the restaurant Armenia. In the middle of a large, but ugly dirty and almost littered with all sorts of stuff, a chair stood and a bound man sat on it with his head covered in a black bag. Asaf walked up to him, removed the bag from his head, took it by his gray hair, clinging to blood, and threw his head back, facing the dim bulb dangling right above him.
- Well, what do you say plowman? Asaf looked into the eyes of an old man sitting on a chair.
What do you want me to say? The old man coughed and spat out blood.
-Do you understand that you are finished or not?
-Look bark beetle, lest this end come to you. An old man dared.

    The balanderka- (food trolley) rolled with a roar along the ITK-26 corridor, food distribution was in full swing. In the cell one hundred twenty-one, where Igor Safronchikov was serving his term, two new prisoners were hooked up and everyone was fascinated by stories about what was happening in the wild. . Balander noticed Igor, not noticeably and deftly took a small bottle from his pocket and poured the contents of the poison into the food. This ended the story and life of a childhood friend, Igor Safronchikov.

The plowman, of course, did not suspect that Igor was no longer alive and continued to persist. He was beaten severely, beaten with a baseball bat, kicked, cut his body with blunt knives, and scoffed until the plowman let out his last breath. The rest of the members of his group were much more loyal, they were simply taken away from Moscow into the forest and shot.

Many different interrogations were carried out in the cellars of the restaurant Armenia, later Tahik was shot there and a couple of eminent thieves in law. I do not write about their lives and death, especially not going to turn this saga into a criminal confession, I am no more an observer.

   In the house, Marika was having fun. Dina somehow persuaded him that Ilya lived for several days in his house, after a long resistance Marik was forced to surrender. He won the love and suggestion of strength.
As for Dina and Ilya, everything was very clear here. Having developed a plan to pump money from Vlad, Dina got to work.
Her plan was primitive and dumb, she simply hired a punks who, in her opinion, should have removed cash from Vlad by terror, and their son David would be the object of blackmail and violence. Well, how much mind you need to not have to go for the money and "beloved "so as to substitute his son. Of course, everything was agreed with these dumb-headed bumps. And now the day has come.
Vlad, Dina and son David gathered to spend on the lake in a silver forest. Vlad fussed, but Dina was feeling unwell. And then three masked bandits burst through the door, which she specially opened in advance and grab the little David first. One of them points a gun at Dinas head, and the third takes aim at himself Vlada.
-Money, bring cash or we will kill them. One of them bellowed. Vlad raised his hands up and in a calm voice said that now they would get what they wanted and went with one of them to the top.

   All the money was taken away, Vlad was beaten up pretty badly. In the light of recent events and just healed wounds from the previous nightmare, he gave everything so that everything would soon end and these freaks would not harm his son.
Dina took a strange position as Vlad noted. She immediately collected her things and her son and explained to Vlad. Stating that he was leaving him due to the fact that he was dangerous both for her and the child. On the same evening they said goodbye, as it turns out later on.
Vlad drank, drank probably for two or three weeks, and drank hard. Until one of these days a lawyer from Dina came to his house, he brought a statement for divorce.
Vlad got acquainted and signed the documents. The court took place a month later. After which Vlad lost his house, which he loved so much, in favor of his son and Dina.

   Well, let's get back to square one, Vlad muttered, opening the door to his one of the first one-room apartments on Baumanskaya. Now I am a beggar unemployed and unnecessary person.
He threw his bag on the sofa and sat down next to him. What to do, how to live further? He racked his brains, his soul was simply torn from bitterness and resentment, and even more from helplessness. He was in a situation of stalemate. He could not turn to either Asaf or Sergey Sergeyevich. Full block out. -So the time is six hours, and in the refrigerator is empty, you need to have time to buy something in the store
For a bite to eat. He walked around the kitchen, looking into the refrigerator, then muttering around the room under his breath. Okay, I had to go and he went to the store.
At the checkout counter, the cashier offered him the newspaper "From Hands to Hands", popular in those years, I dont know if it still exists or not, but then it was in demand, he bought it and will be read something. He thought. When he left the store he opened a bottle of beer, took a few sips and headed toward the house. Having approached almost to the entrance Vlad noticed a familiar SUV standing in the parking lot opposite the house. These were the people of Asaf. Vlad was wary, but decided to approach them.
- Hi, Serge, how are you, do you understand me? Stretching out his hand to the driver, Vlad began.
-Hello, and then to whom is it in this hole, what normal will settle in this cockroach. Shaking Vlads hand and smiling, he answered.
-Something happened or so to visit? Smiling back with wit Vlad.
-No boss ordered you to deliver to him.
- I hope not in mourning ribbons? Vlad laughed.
Not yet, but he said urgent business, and we spent all your day searching for you, so jump into the car and drive off.
-Okay, but give at least five minutes, put the food in the refrigerator, they will disappear. He pointed to the grocery bags.
- Well, to hell with you, come on quicker.
Vlad is gone.

  -Here is a fucking hack. Turning to his partner, Sergey said.
- Come on, unfortunate person, judge for yourself, and the wife turned her ass around the business too, now shell be straining with the dough, or do you think the bark beetle ordered him to be found?
-I think not, but these are not our graters, so do not worry.

Vlad got into the car and they drove off.
-Hey Vlad, whats your woman so you cut everything cleanly? Asked a smiling Sergey.
- Well, yes, he gave everything, there is a son, everything for him. Vlad answered calmly.
- Hey, did you really go to machine gunners? Continued drove.
-Yes, it was eighty-ninth in the NKAR Stepanakert Armenia.
-What troops?
-Interior, Dzerzhinskys division.
-This type of cops?
- No, but its kind of like something.
- Oh damn business.

Vlads parents apartment. Father and mother are sitting in the kitchen drinking tea.
- So again a business trip? Asked the mother.
-Yes Olya, Chechnya would damn her.
- For a long time, what are they planning?
- You believe I dont know, you called Volodka, I called to work and home about ten times, and no one takes off the phone.
-And on the pager, drop the message that you would call urgently.
-Yes dumped, all in vain, I'm afraid and will not say goodbye.

   The car drove into Asaf's courtyard. He stood on the huge porch of his house. His favorite apricot-colored cashmere coat was thrown over his shoulders, as I recall now. Vlad went up to him and held out his hand wishing to say hello, Asaf made a displeased face, but still held out his hand.
-Go into the house. Asaf muttered under his breath.
-How are you Asaf Evdaevich? Asked Vlad.
-Come in, come in now, let's talk about everything. They entered the house.
Sitting in the chairs in which they usually talked heart to heart, Asaf began with a raised tone.
What are you son of a bitch doing? He hit the table with his fist.
- Why didnt you tell me that Seryozha and Mavrodiy were taken from you by MOSHILTORG for a penny?
-Asaf Evdaevich, I didnt have time, everything spun so quickly, its got a divorce.
-I know about a divorce, they divorced you like an asshole, like a ram, this bitch is your Dean with her cable, I know everything, and you are an asshole that you kept from me.

   - Yes, I didnt withhold anything, believe Asaf Evdaevich, I just didnt have time to tell you anything.
-What will Volodya do? -The company of big money cost me, where are the grandmas?
- There is no money Asaf Evdaevich, not a penny;
- Do you understand what amounts are involved or not?
Sss took me five million bucks in cash, and all the rest from the bank to the penny.
- Volodya, you now owe me these grandmothers, do you understand me, what do you think you want to give?
- I dont know, I dont know anything yet.
-Volodya, this is not an answer. I dont know, think, think, here you have exactly one minute. He looked at his watch, squinting his eyes.
- Yes, Vlad alone, no more.
-How much do you think I owe you?
- That's already warmer, well, let's count. He began to whisper something, bend his fingers, raise his eyebrows and eyes up.
- Well, let's say for you, and in friendship, two million bucks, and so.
-Good give me a month, I will try to collect this money.
- You really try, try, and now you can bring home. Asaf waved his hand toward the door.
-Okay, Asaf Evdaevich let Sergey take me to my house, but for now Im without a car.
-Okay tell him, I ordered.

   Vlad entered the office of Sergey Sergeyevich.
- Hello, Sergey Sergeyevich, and I have a big problem. Vlad started from the door.
-Oh, Volodya, hello hello dear, come take a seat, what kind of problem did you suddenly have? With a malicious smile he began. Vlad went through the study and sat down on the sofa.
-Sergei Sergeevich, you see my silence and the secrets from Asaf Evdaevich cost me three million dollars, I just have nowhere to take them aground and I dont know what to do?
What can I tell you about this, my dear Volodya. He sat down beside Vlad and lit a cigarette.
-Asaf is a serious and powerful man. He took a long drag and paused.
-I know Sergey Sergeyevich, but what should I do, the money should be given to him or I understand that they will simply remove me. Sergey blew smoke up.
-Volodya will be removed, this will be a fact, okay, Ill come up with something. He patted Vlad on the shoulder.
-What Sergey Sergeyevich has to come up with here, you need to give up money and deal with the end, we are businessmen we will still earn.
-You are certainly right, and the amount is ridiculous, in our case human life is much more expensive. These are their gangster lives, nothing, not even river sand, but ours are with you! He got up and went to the bar.
-Will you be something light?
-Can. Agreed Vlad.
-That's good. He poured two glasses of the aperitif, one for Vlad and the other for himself, and sat down. Leaning against the back of the couch, he took a sip.
-Okay, you're right there is nothing to think about here, now we will decide everything, I will give you this money with one condition, you will work it out.
- Of course, Sergey Sergeevich Ill work it all out.

The taxi drove up quickly, Vlad with a briefcase full of dollars got into it dictated the address.
-Just ask you faster, I have very little time.
-There are traffic jams to go around. The taxi driver said.
-Okay, just quick.
   At the house of Asaf, Seryozha Smirnov met a taxi, he opened the door to Vlad and escorted him into the house, ordering the taxi driver to wait.
Asaf was in the pool, swam with two girls, they frolic and laughed. Vlad and Smirnov entered and stopped at the door.
-Asaf Evdaevich, I'm sorry, here Vlad came to you, something urgent, he says. He mumbled.
Well, let him go here. Asaph declared.
I'm Asaf Evdaevich here, I need five minutes of your time. Vlad said.
-Ah, you're here already. Turning to those who entered, Asaph wheezed.
-Well, girls, leave us, Seryozha, take the beauties to my bedroom. The girls crawled out of the pool, they were completely naked, their beautiful bodies seemed to shimmer with some kind of divine mother of pearl, Vlad even looked at them. They wrapped themselves in white sheets and left behind Smirnov. Asaf crawled out of the pool, put on a bathrobe and sat in one of the chairs there.
- Come sit down, you want cognac vodka, which you will pour.
-No, thank you Asaf Evdaevich, I dont want yet., Im on what business to you.
-What did the money bring? Asaph asked with a grin.
-What guarantees do I have that when I give you the money, I will be safe? Vlad asked with interest.
-All hundred, you that my word is not enough, how you changed Volodya. Asaf declared with anger, his eyes seemed to glare at Vlad's eyes and the second was clearly uncomfortable, he did not deftly creep into a plastic armchair.
-No that you, that you are Asaf Evdaevich, just in the light of recent events, you yourself understand when my friends and even my wife turned away from me and betrayed me.
-I dont want to hear about your whore Volodya, this is not his wife, I repeat the whore to you. Asaf got a little angry and leaned forward to Vlad.

   - You see, you yourself are to blame for everything, maybe you are tired, maybe you got lost, but I dont want to sort it out now, I'm not a psychologist.
- I understand, once again excuse me Asaf Evdaevich, I brought you everything everything as you asked, but I didnt even have a taxi. Vlad put the briefcase in front of Asaph and opened it.
-I wont count, I believe you. He said and took out five packages, which amounted to fifty thousand dollars, and handed them to Vlad.
- Take it on you, in a taxi. He handed the money to Vlad with a smile.
- Youre no longer messing around and you can be calm, all go, I dont delay you. Asaf waved his hand toward the door.
-Let's go already go.
-Thank you, goodbye Asaf Evdaevich. Vlad took the money and left. Asaf closed the briefcase, set it aside, poured himself cognac, drank and took off his robe and jumped into the pool.

Vlad went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, took a bottle of vodka and a can of pickled cucumbers, and then he saw that there was a pager lying on the shelf in the refrigerator and zooming in. Damn it, I completely forgot about it, he put the vodka and took the cucumbers on the table pager and read the message. << Son, urgently call. dad >> He immediately called the father and mothers apartment, but no one answered. Strange, but oh well then Ill call, he answered the phone and sat down at the table. Having drunk the floor of the bottle for him, Vlad turned on the music, took the money from the table and went to the room. -So well hide them here, he opened the books, opened the secret door on the shelf and put the money in. There was a phone call, Vlad hastily picked up the phone.
-Hello, mom, hello, how are you, dad called the pager, what happened?
- Hello, dear, but dad is leaving for a business trip again, so I would like you to spend it.
- Yes, of course, mom, and when?
- Tomorrow son, will you come?
- Yes, of course, Ill come today, but Ill just finish some things and be at home.
- Well dear, we will be waiting for you.
-Okay, Mom, I'll be there soon.
Are you all right, or is your voice somehow alarmed?
-Yes, everything is fine, Ill come and talk.
-And Dina and David will come?
-Mom, Ill come and talk, Im kissing you all. And Vlad put the phone down. Yes, they will come, they will come, but where? He went into the kitchen, poured another glass of vodka, drank and ate pickled cucumber.
   Asaf summoned Smirnov.
- In short, Seryozha, I need to quietly follow our Volodenka, something I dont like all this gimmick around him and the MOSHILTORG, too often they come upon him and put him out, and they can easily reach us, and there you look to our common fund .
- Everything will be done, right now and Ill put the tail. Lackeyski answered one.
-That, it was necessary right yesterday, and even better it was necessary to slap his bitch-Dean even earlier and the deal with the end.
-Asaf Evdaevich, it's never too late.
-Okay, for now let's wait with this, do what you said to Vlads account.
-Boss will be done.
-Yes come on, go Seryozha go. Smirnov went out and closed the door behind him.
-So urgently I find Lyutogo and Murza, urgently. He told one of the guards standing at the door and went to the second floor in his office. The guard immediately fussed and ran out into the street.
   In the office of Sergey Sergeevich. Mavrodi and he drank cognac and discussed animatedly something. It was obvious that both interlocutors were pleased with everything that they had talked about and I would even notice more, were delighted.
-This you certainly very thoughtfully came up with the namesake, now the whole bitch this Rashka is here in our fist. Sergey Sergeyevich shook his chubby fist in the face of Sergei Mavrodi.
- Of course, Sergey Sergeevich. Agreed and rejoiced Mavrodi.
-Pour, why are you slowing down, you dont see the soul is singing.
-Yes, now we have everything. Pouring cognac into empty glasses, Mavrodi chirped.
- All, but not all, we have one big but! Sergey Sergeevich declared sadly.
-What for but we suddenly have?
-This, but you are my dear Serezhenka, he is called Koroyed-Asaf, a very big thieves authority, which is not the most, the most in the thieves' world, and this cannot be ignored. He took a glass.
-So, you need to get rid of it corny, just take and order. He adjusted his glasses and drank cognac nervously.
Ha ha ha, of course you're right, it would be much easier than sharing with him and generally keeping him informed of our affairs, but imagine that another will come in his place right away and ... He made a gesture meaning to pour another drink.
-and then it will be even worse.
- I can afford to doubt it. He poured more cognac.
-Because we are strong now, that we should just pay up there to the prosecutors office and thats all, let the cops work for us, but at the same time we will pay once.
-One you say, there is no Seryozha, the cops are even worse than thieves, they will never stop at one time.
-How why? Mavrodi was a little confused.
   - Yes, because they are hungry and poor, that's why, because Asafs connections are much higher than mine. Sergey Sergeyevich drank and poured himself a full glass again.
-Sergei Sergeevich, dear, we need to bring down this Asaf and then we will see what will happen, we need to solve problems as they arrive, it will be more reliable.
- Well, of course, first we will make these problems, and then we will solve them, so what is your peculiar approach to problems.
- No, you didnt understand me correctly, of course you dont need to create from, if they arise they need to be solved gradually, without rushing and without getting ahead of events.
-Okay enough about this, I decided one for now, the number one problem is Asaf and I dont know how we will solve it.
-Do you have this kid, how is it there, well, this Vlad or what?
-He then what side?
- As if sideways, he should work for you money, so let him solve our problem with Asaf and we will come out clean and he will work out his money.
Sergey Sergeyevich thought, stood up, went to the table, silently took some papers from the table, then went to the window, took a sip of brandy, slowly turned to Mavrodi.
-You know. But this is not a bad idea, but I think it will not work.
- Why, its not our problem anymore, let him figure out how to do it himself.
- Yes, you understand, there is no problem to puzzle him; let the boy suffer and rack his brains and as a result of what? -And nothing he can do and just dump, disappear, no, it's all nonsense.
He picked up the phone and dialed the number.
- Hello, for subscriber number two two four zero, urgently come to my office point. He hung up.
- That's who we need, not a kid.
   Vlads mother fussed in the kitchen, father sat at the table and read the newspaper, there was a click of the lock and Vlad entered the apartment, he went right into the kitchen.
-Hi dad, mom. He went up and kissed mom on the cheek, father shook his hand.
-What is on a business trip again, now where?
- To the North Caucasus, Chechnya, son. father replied.
Yes, there you go, right now ... He looked at his mother, she turned to them, cried and ran out of the kitchen.
- The third day at a platoon, as I found out in tears.
- Come on dad, everything will work out, how much are you going?
-Do not know yet. smoking father replied.
-Gathering tomorrow, Olya, set the table.
The phone rang, father got up and went to the phone.
-Allo Colonel Spatzman at the apparatus, I obey Comrade General, I obey, I leave, so for sure. He hung up.
- Well, they urgently called to the headquarters to go. Father said, and with a quick step went to the bedroom.
-Dad wait, maybe I'm with you?
-Where are you with me? Buttoning the tunic, the father asked.
- Well, I'll wait for you there.
-Don't invent it. Father patted Vlad on the head.
- I think I'll be there soon.
   -Okay, Ive agreed, then Im also on business and will be back in the evening, Ill soon mom. Vlad shouted to his mother and left the apartment.
Down at the entrance there was a black Volga, Vlad went to the driver.
- For the colonel?
- So the lieutenant driver answered exactly.
-Now he's coming already. Vlad said and went towards the playground where two guys were sitting and playing cards.
-Hi Lech, hi Dimon. Sitting down at the courtyard table, Vlad exclaimed joyfully.
-O Vovchik, a thousand years old, by what fate did you come to your parents? asked one of them.
-Yeah, Dad is leaving for a business trip to Chechnya, Ive come here to spend some time, but how are you doing here?
-And what should change here, not a damn job, women and those damn bitch hid, all married now, no one to even warm up, damn it.
- Come on, Lech, there would be a desire, but we will find women.
-Ha he will find. Lech grinned, not looking at Vlad, continuing to play cards.
-So I'm watching vodka running out? Vlad took the bottle, lifted it and shook it.
-Yes not a lot and so here we are going to play a fool, and who is in the store for the supplement? Vlad took a tight wad of money from his pocket.
-Who and?
   -Oh, there is money so it is me in an instant. Dimon said and threw the cards on the table.
-Come on, how much to take, maybe some kind of snack, but lads, let's figure it out?
- Of course, take three bottles of vodka, six beers, just take the miller, take pickles, well, you see the cucumbers, tomatoes, take lard, well, what can I write down the whole list for you? Vlad counted out several notes and handed them to Dimon, then he took the money and quickly disappeared from sight.
-Do you have anyone at home, and Lech?
- There is nobody, we can come to me. The one answered.
-A mother, how is she? Asked Vlad.
"Mother? Mother died last year, and my sister got married and left for Germany, so I'm alone." Lech answered.
-Sorry, I didnt know Lechs compassionate kingdom, the kingdom of heaven was Aunt Luda.
- Come on, apologize, whats up with Igor, how does he wind up his term there?
-Yes, Im somehow not in the know. Vlad said embarrassed.
- They dont know any damn things, you were friends like brothers?
- They were, they were, but they sailed away. Vlad got up.
- Wait, I'm sorry now. He ran to the car.
-Dad, wait a minute. Vlad ran to his father, it was already getting into the car.
- Dad, Ill be shorter here today, I'll wait for you.
-Okay, I think I'll be back soon. He got into the car and drove away. Vlad returned to Lech. Soon, Dimon returned with full packages.
-Well, where are we going?
-We decided to go to Leha. Answered by Vlad.
-Leha so to Lech, and maybe well call Marinka with Natasha, and lads? Playfully suggested Dimon.
-Where have you been before, damn it with your ideas, you need to buy some wine from champagne, well, you are weird, damn it. Annoyed Vlad.
   -So Vova is not a problem, I will organize girls and shampusik, and while you stomp to Leha, cook everything there, and I quickly. Dimon took more money and disappeared. Vlad and Lech took the bags and headed for the porch. The apartment was still poor but clean. Aleksey, a classmate of Vlad and Dimon, was a tidy man, he did not allow himself to sink to the bottom of society, although he loved to drink and have fun with women, but after the swirls everything fell into place and the apartment was calm and cleanliness.
They placed glasses, glasses, plates on the table, laid out a snack, Vlad opened a bottle of vodka and poured Lech and himself into glasses.
-While no one, let's remember Aunt Luda? Vlad handed Lech a glass of vodka, then took it.
-Well, not clinking glasses come on bro, let her land rest in peace. They drank and had a bite. The doorbell rang.
- Probably Ill open Dimon. Lech went to the hallway.
-Oh girls come in, please, please, please! Lech took the busty blonde by the hand and led her into the room where Vlad was.
-Vovchik! She screamed and rushed to hug Vlad.
-Million years have not seen you. She hugged Vlad so tightly that she was barely breathing.
-Hello Marinka, but you havent changed at all, you have become even more beautiful. Vlad hugged her back and kissed. Marinka and Natasha were their classmates, but Oksana the third girl was from another school, but was friends with these guys. The most interesting thing is that her first boyfriend and man was he, Vlad. It was a festive New Year's Eve at school, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-fifth. Oksana was invited by her friend on the porch precisely this magnificent breast Marinka. There Oksana met Vlad, that evening, then Vlad undertook to accompany her home and they found themselves in Vlads apartment, where he took possession of an innocent girl. She was not averse and their hot, seemingly innocent kisses slowly transferred to Vlads room on the bed where it all happened.
Okay enough about that.
Natasha also rushed to hug and kiss Vlad, and the turn came to Oksanka. She was a little shocked in surprise, because Dimon did not say anything about the fact that Vlad is here. But the shock was pleasant as well as the very fact that Vlad was here. The fun began, they drank, had a bite, laughed, frolic with the word the party was a success. There was everything, there was erratic sex, there was still a lot of booze, there was cocaine and marijuana, there was everything you could imagine, the music was noisy! Everything was beautiful and fun until they rang the doorbell.
-Open, police.
-And what's the matter? Staggering, but not unfastening the door chain, asked Lech.
-The thing is that you are noisy and the neighbors are complaining about you, open immediately.
- Everything, everything is clear, no more sound, I turned off everything already, the boss understand a friend arrived for a thousand years, have not seen each other, please leave me alone, we are silent all the silence.
-Open say or break the door, a signal has arrived and we must respond.
- Head, please leave me alone. He closed the door and staggered, but with quick steps went to the room where the guests were.
- Guys, were krandets, there are damn cops, the neighbors called, what to do, eh?
-No matter what, open let the freaks come in damn it. Dimon said barely his tongue.
Yes, open it. Opening himself from kisses Marinka said Vlad.
Three people entered the room, an officer and two police sergeants with assault rifles.
-And what's going on here? The officer began.
- Lieutenant of the patrol service Zubkov, please present your documents, comrades, gentlemen. The officer said saluting.
-So the question is, hold on. Dimon held out his passport and the rest did the same, all but Vlad.
-And I dont have a passport with me. Vlad said.
-He's in the next entrance of the house. Getting up from the couch and adjusting his shirt, he said.
- So now well go to the station and see what house your documents are in.
-Yes, what are you flying for, down to grief or what? With a challenge said Vlad.
-You generally know who I am, whom you are running into an asshole fucking right now.
- Well, dont express yourself. The sergeant besieged Vlad.
-And now its quickly at an expense like an attack on an employee.
-Okay, ha ha ha ha ha, you got fired, you bastard, I answer, bitch, you're fired. Vlad laughed. The outfit took several steps and Vlad was already handcuffed and laid on the floor.
-Take him into the car. The officer commanded.
- Wait, wait. Yelled Lech.
-You know who he is, you confused the cops in kind. He continued.
- Firstly, he is a Senior Lieutenant, also a cop like you, secondly, his dad is a colonel of the internal troops and he really is my neighbor. Voted Lech. The girls jumped in and started to scream and curse drunken girls.
-Ah, everyone calmed down, otherwise youll go quickly to the monkey. The officer said loudly.
- And let's go! They yelled in response.
- I frightened the hedgehog with a bare ass freak, Ill write Ill declare you lieutenant that you were touching me and inclined me to have sexual intercourse, you understood me, and Ill declare I will give it to my uncle, Major of Justice, investigator Gorbukhin, that the stinking bitch has sat down. She screamed at Lieutenant Marinka. Her uncle was, in truth, a major of justice and really had weight and position.
-Well, everyone shut up, lit a booth, now well figure it out, take off the sergeants handcuffs. The officer ordered that he obediently unfastened his bracelets and freed Vlad.
   -This is my fianc;, we celebrate your engagement goats filthy you. Marinka continued.
-Don't shout. The officer barked roughly at Marinka.
-Okay, what documents do you have with you? The officer turned to Vlad. And then Vlad remembered that he had his military ID in a denim jacket, why he took it with him, he did not remember, but he was delighted to say that he had this ticket. The officer ordered a jacket to be handed to him from the hallway and handed it to Vlad. Vlad took a military ID from his pocket and handed it to the officer. He began flipping and studying it.
- Well, thats all figured out, I apologize to Comrade Senior Lieutenant, the problem has come out, please be quieter, the neighbors are complaining.
-Well, we had to start with this, all go, we understood that there will be no music and noise. Vlad put the warrior in a jacket and sat down in his place. The policemen left, the holiday seemed to be spoiled, but the inventiveness of the drunk Dimon exceeded all expectations and led to the amazement of everyone present here. He suddenly undressed naked and tried to climb onto the table, but in vain, he did not have enough strength and he fell to the floor with his arms and legs spread out very wide like a star. Everyone felt somehow very funny and everyone laughed. The party recovered, undressing and excessive consumption of alcohol began again.

   A black SUV drove up to the house of Vlads parents and, after parking, turned off the side lights. These were the people of Asaf, who were ordered to follow Vlad.