Chapter 17. Secrets of Intelligence

Firyuza Yanchilina

When I visited FIAN (the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences), I took free copies of the newspaper "Troitsky Variant" on the checkpoint. We leafed through them, especially not reading. Although there were some interesting articles.
In one of the issue I saw an advertisement of a publishing house "Intellect", located in scientific city Dolgoprudny. By the way, famous Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is located in that city. In advertising it was written that the publishing house offers authors to publish their scientific books.
We were interested in such a proposal, although, of course, strongly doubted the positive outcome. Nevertheless, we decided to use the chance. By that time, Vasily had written the book “Quantum Nonlocality” and was already starting to think about how to print it. It was in 2008, at that time there was an economic crisis in the country. The "New Center", where Vasily was published, had a difficult situation. So the advertising caught my eye.
Vasily phoned the phone indicated in the announcement and talked with the head of the publishing house Lev Fedorovich Soloveichik. He did not immediately refuse the offer. Vasily sent him an electronic version of his new book.
Having received no answer, after a while Vasily called the publishing house. The secretary took the phone. She said that the Soloveichik is absent now. Vasily asked about the book and she answered that yes, Lev Fedorovich read it, she even heard he said: "Well, finally, I understand everything."
After a while Vasily again called and Soloveitchik took the phone. He also agreed that Vasily clearly and intelligibly explained one of the important paradoxes of quantum mechanics, that is the famous experiment of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen. But when he was asked about the publication of the book, Lev Fedorovich changed his voice. He began to speak floridly that if Vasily had taken all the known experiments to test the general theory of relativity, the monograph would be of interest. But Vasily's book ... In short, he got off with a long speech. We still did not understand the reason for the refusal and why this rejection seemed so strange.
We already mentally waved to the Dolgoprudny "Intellect", but it returned to us after a couple of years, although in a different role.
Vasily received a letter from Professor Vladimir Valerievich Kuznetsov, Chief Researcher of the Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Propagation of Radio Waves of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This scientist is a supporter of Vasily's ideas and even wrote about them in his course on gravitation for students and graduate students. Is going to publish a textbook "Physics of the Earth", which also tells about Vasily's theory of gravity. He asked Vasily to read the book where he expounded his theory, and to correct the inaccuracies, if they exist.
He proposed this book for publication in the same "Intelligence". And at first Soloveichik expressed his readiness to print it. But a few months later, Vladimir Valeryevich with surprise told Vasily that Soloveichik put forward a strict condition "remove all references to Yanchilin." Why? No explanation. What did Lev Fedorovich see as unacceptable in Vasily's theory? How the story with Kuznetsov’s book ended , we do not know.