Chapter 15. Not a Star Experiment

Firyuza Yanchilina

The history of the seminar was continued after I wrote an article in the newspaper "Search" (“Poisk”) about the park of sundials in the city Shchelkovo, Moscow region. This park is located on the territory of the hotel “Star” ("Zvezdny"), which was built by the holding company "Shchelkovsky", headed by Dmitry Barchenkov.
The office of Dmitry Alekseevich was located inside the building of the city market, which was also built by his company. There I met him.
After the secretary Julia opened the door lock, I hardly moved the heavy door (I never met such a massive one) and entered. I had to wait for a while (about half an hour, and maybe more)  until Barchenkov became free. Finally, he accepted me. I had a good talk with him, he answered all my questions. Then he took me to the same park, which contained several sundials. They were different, their developers were our compatriots. The realizer of the project was Dmitry Alekseevich. Beautiful sundials, but instructions for their use, engraved on the billboards, were written in an incomprehensible language. I could not figure out how to use the devices until Barchenkov showed me personally.
The sundials were expensive. According to Barchenkov every sundial cost about 70000 dollars. He was very proud of his park and was going to develop it further, creating new types of sundials.
In addition, as it turned out, Dmitry Alekseevich is a very devout person. He invested a lot of money in the reconstruction of some churches and chapels, including ones in the hotel. Actually, I am cautious about fanatical people and "too religious" ones. But Barchenkov did not produce a repulsive impression. By the way, he admitted that his father was a physicist, and he grew up in the city of nuclear scientists Sarov.
It seemed to me that Barchenkov was the man who could conduct the experiment with atomic clocks. His hobby is clocks (not only sundial), he grew up in a family of physicists. In addition, he is the head of the holding, he is engaged in charity. Surely, he has money to conduct a scientific research. At the end of the interview, I directly offered him the idea of an experiment. He took it well, even very well. He immediately chose as a "place" the hotel "Star", whose height after the completion of construction should exceed one hundred meters. We agreed that I would bring Vasily’s books to him, and then Vasily would come to discuss the details of the experiment. This was in the summer of 2008, a few months before our move to Pushchino. Losino-Petrovsky, where we lived at that time, was an hour's drive from Shchelkov.
Vasily came to Barchenkov and talked to him. Dmitry Alekseevich said Vasily his readiness to conduct an experiment. And at the same time he expressed gratitude to his bold ideas. As a businessman, he immediately realized that Vasily's experiment was a win-win. If he confirms the theory of Einstein, then on the facade of the hotel "Star" it will be written that there was a historical experiment to confirm the theory of Einstein. And if he refutes, then on the facade of the hotel "Star" will be written that the theory of Einstein was refuted here. Dmitry Alekseevich stressed that he is leasing atomic clocks with the right of subsequent purchase of them. After the experiment, their price will increase noticeably, and they will become a museum exhibit.
Discussing the dates, Barchenkov said that it is necessary to erect all the floors of the hotel, make the decoration, glaze the windows, this will take at least a year.
Soon there was an article in newspaper "Search" (“Poisk”) about the park of sundials. I got a call from Levich. He thanked me for an interesting publication. He did not know that such an interesting project was being realized near Moscow. He wanted Barchenkov to speak at a time seminar and talked about an unusual park.
Alexander Petrovich admitted that when he read my article, he wanted to learn more about the philanthropist Barchenkov. But on the Internet in the first place information not about his interesting projects popped up, but about a dubious reputation and involvement in some bad deeds. I was surprised to hear this.
Alexander Petrovich wanted to hear my advice. Of course, he wanted Barchenkov to tell about the sundial park at the time seminar. But the strange information about their creator was a deterrent. In the end, we decided that the dark past should be on Brachenkov's conscience, all the more, we do not know for certain about his involvement in "something bad". But the sundial park does exist, and any person can enter it absolutely free of charge.
Barchenkov spoke at the time seminar, everything went by as far as I understood, good, although I did not attend his lecture.
But the experiment with him was not possible. About a year later Vasily contacted Barchenkov on the phone, and he informed him that everything was still in effect, but due to the economical crisis, construction of the hotel was delayed. A year later communication with the businessman was lost. We repeatedly called both the mobile Barchenkov and the secretary. Barchenkov did not answer us. And the girl on the phone invariably promised to convey our request to talk with Dmitry Alekseevich. Barchenkov seemed to have forgotten about his promise to conduct an experiment with atomic clocks. How this is explained, I do not know. One of the assumptions is that one of the scientists with whom Barchenkov communicated on the subject of the experiment, talked him out of doing this. Even if this is so, in my opinion, it was necessary to inform Vasily that his plans were changed, and not to remain silent.