Our collective experience into Superposition

It seems to me that Kyrgyzstan already has a collective experience of using the laws of the Superposition and Quantum Reality.
 After all, six months ago no one believed that a change of power could happen in the country, but everyone wanted to avoid the final approval of Atambayev's clan dictatorship and the start of mass repression.
As a result, the world of great energies "heard and reacted" to our innermost desires - having made this amazing and quick transformation of power in the country.
Now it is necessary that the majority of the people of our country "fall ill" with the Swedish model of a market economy so that another great miracle happens in our reality.
But this task will be a little more difficult. Our people are well aware that dictatorship, torture, and repression are bad, although there are those who, on the contrary, dream about such methods of power. It is crucially vital for us to understand and feel collective how to implant these systems and laws of democracy, how they operate and why it is not just well, but there have not any other alternatives for our survival and prosperity and safety so that it can become our reality.