Козерог. Диета

Capricorn Diet

Capricorn dieters are so single-minded in their personal approach to weight loss that once they decide to diet they will certainly lose weight fast. However, if their weight loss plan goes wrong or otherwise fails to meet their rigid expectations, Capricorns will tend to blame other people and assorted outside influences for what is really their own lack of willpower. Capricorns must learn to make their weight loss goals realistic, or else be prepared for the inevitable letdown that comes with not achieving their impossible goals.

Lean meat, bread, potatoes, pasta, and corn are all good food for Capricorns. Plenty of calcium-rich foods, such as cottage cheese and whole milk, are essential in order to protect habitual Capricorn vulnerable areas like teeth and bones. It is better for those born under the Sign of the Goat to avoid pick-up dinners and leftovers -- they're better off eating everything in a single sitting. Portion control is a must!