One Euro spy

"One Euro Spy" was published as an extended chapter in the book "Afghanistan Issues: Security, Narcotics and Political Currents" by Nova Publishers, New York, 2007.


Hans Mueller has studied at the university of Berlin Slavic and Oriental studies; therefore, he speaks perfectly Russian and Persian. After his graduation he contacts the humanitarian organization „Alexios Aid“ in Berlin in order to find out whether the organization needs interpreters for its foreign missions. Hans is invited to an interview in Berlin. Later he is sent as an interpreter to Afghanistan. There he is supposed to go with his colleagues to the prisons and to register the prisoners. In addition he works also as logistician, he must sometimes go deeply into the mountains, where fighting still is doing on. It follows the description of the situation in Afghanistan, especially in the north of the country. He drives sometimes from Afghanistan into the neighbouring Uzbekistan for vacation, into the small city Termez. There are the German Federal Armed Forces based. From Tremez Hans drives into the Uzbek capital Tashkent, where in a discotheque he gets to know a Russian woman whom he marries later. When his wife applies for the family reunion by the German consulate in Tashkent, strange questions are asked, as for example: „How does your husband shave?“

Later he learns that German diplomats in Tashkent carry out so-called "false marriages" questioning in order to find out whether the marriage is real. Hans complains by all possible authorities in Germany that so-called "false marriages" questioning has unconstitutional contents. Since his contract by the humanitarian organization „Alexios Aid“ is not extended, he returns from Afghanistan to Germany. The request for family reunion is refused. Hans engages a lawyer who must take care of family reunion. He registers jobless by employment office and tries to find a job, however, without success. Hans gets the unemployment benefit. Suddenly a so-called “one-euro job” is offered him. He should work for humanitarian organization “Dove of Peace”, in the region Uzbekistan-Afghanistan. In the course of the interview with his employer he learns that the “Dove of Peace” is an undercover organization of the German Federal Intelligence Service. Hans should go for Federal Intelligence Service to Uzbekistan to build up a spy net on the border to Afghanistan. Hans should open a professional school in Termez/Uzbekistan, where supposedly the young Afghans can learn different handicraft professions. In reality he should recruit some students as spies for his activities. Then the agents should later trace the "social swindlers“ that misuse the German social system, unemployed people who stay in Afghanistan and that improperly get the unemployment benefit. Hans rejects the job. Consequently his unemployment benefit is shortened by 30%. When he rejects the job again, the unemployment benefit is shortened by other 30%. One puts him under pressure. He does not give up and denies doing the job. He thinks even of leaving Germany and of moving to his Russian wife to Uzbekistan. Suddenly Federal Intelligence Service makes with him a compromise. He should accept the job, as a return service his application for family reunion will be accepted and then his wife can move to him to Germany. Under such circumstances he accepts the job. His wife comes to Germany. After that both go to Uzbekistan. His wife can work within the project as a secretary. Hans opens the professional school and the first group of Afghan young people begins with the training. In the course of the time he succeeds to win some students as spies. Later they are sent to Afghanistan and the undercover operation “Social deception” begins. As the first social swindler is caught a former professor of the Humboldt University, who even is married with three Afghan women. His name is Mels Bauer. A special command of the German Federal Armed Forces goes to Afghanistan, arrests him and then professor is transferred with air forces plane to Germany to be accused and later to be convicted. The agents find out that in Afghanistan stay a lot of social swindlers. They have even founded a commune and have moved deeply to the mountains, in the so-called „ valley of the happy “. A member of this commune, a former brothel boss and Madam who also improperly gets unemployment benefit, is tracked down and arrested. Her name is Clara Mercedes. During the interrogation she refuses to reveal the whereabouts of the commune. The close friend of Clara Mercedes, an Afghan woman from the mountains, whose name is Azadeh, is worried, because Clara did not visit her for a long time. She starts to interrogate, where Clara is. When she finds out that Clara Mercedes was arrested, she organizes a kidnapping of the leader of the German task force, who was responsible for the arrest of Clara. Later he is exchanged for Clara Mercedes.

Hans succeeds in find the lover of Azadeh, an authoritarian commander. The commander knows about the commune and agrees to show its whereabouts. The commander accompanies Hans to the commune. There he meets Mr. Hubertus Hamster, who is a leader of the commune. Mr. Hamster tells Hans the story of the founding of commune. Hans finds out that nearly 3,000 persons live there; half of them get the unemployment benefit. The people come predominantly from Germany, these are doctors, engineers, teachers. Members of the commune perform charitable work, they work there as doctors and teachers in the villages. To avoid a war between the unemployed person and the German armed forces, Hubertus Hamster suggests a deal: the labor offices in Germany should close with the unemployed persons from the commune a contract, the unemployed persons can legalize then their status and continue at the same time their humanitarian activities. The German authorities ignore the suggestion.

The members of the commune contact German mass media and inform the journalist about their conflict with the German authorities. The headlines of the leading newspapers and magazines are sensational. The representatives of German government visit the commune in Afghanistan and report independently and objectively about it. According to this report the members of the commune are people who produced large services in the humanitarian field. Indeed, one had to confess that some members of the commune have abused the social system, but the commune has done a lot for the infrastructure of the country. One comes, in the end, to a compromise: the unemployed persons of the commune can stay there further and they can further get the unemployment benefit, because they perform charitable work. The agent of the Federal Intelligence Service who led the operation “Social Deception” is fired. Later he should accept a job as a gardener. Hans goes with his wife to Tashkent. There he opens a bakery and he enjoys with his wife happy, harmonic life.


1. Hans Mueller
2. Mission in the north of Afghanistan.

3. Vacation in Tashkent

4. Marriage in Tashkent.

5. Bureaucracy and family reunion

6. Return to Germany

7. No family reunion

8. Dove of Peace

9. Extortion

10. Flight to Termez

11. Logistic and administrative tasks. Professional school

12. Beginning of the undercover operation “Social Deception”

13. Beginning of the training

14. Recruitment

15. Mels Bauer. Hunt on the “social swindlers” begins
16. Clara Mercedes

17. Azadeh

18. Kidnapping

19. Valley of the happy ones. “Happystan”

20. Hubertus Hamster

21. The masseur of the park “Tiergarten”

22. There is a trend for happy end