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When I lived and worked in the USA, I was not excited especially with a question on a provision of pensions. The main thing was that I had a work which provided normal existence and some accumulation of money resources. However, the federal government of the USA invisibly keeps account age, the salary, the experience of work and a tentative estimation of the earned pension of each citizen (permanent resident) of the USA. So it has turned out, that during departure from America to me the letter from Social Security Administration USA has after come. It was the social security document specially on my name. In it have been registered: the annual sum of my earnings, the work experience (in credits) the settlement sum of pension and separately - medical maintenance. Certainly, I have been pleasantly surprised. Now it is possible to compare social security of citizens of the countries USA and Russia, going on a way of capitalist development. Thus it is necessary to consider, that the prices for such products, as gasoline, vegetables, fruit, meat, a medicine, etc. in these countries almost identical. And pensions differ several times. Why? Because America does not wish to have poor pensioners. Whereas in Russia, and in Belarus, I adhere to opposite desire.
The government of the USA annually reconsiders the size pension grants being based on consumer price index growth. In America it is called Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) - regulation of cost of a life. Head Social Security Administration (social security Administration) Kenneth Angel, declaring the next increase of the size, grants has somehow told: “Inflation is the most terrible enemy of older persons and the invalids living on fixed incomes. COLA gives to these people possibility to keep the living level”.
In America exists two kinds of pension grants: SSI and Social Security. The first is the grant for the legal immigrants who have reached of a pension age 65 years. They are people who have no seniority and do not work.
Federal grant of lonely addressees in a month made 530 dollars (in New York with the account of the established extra charge the sum of the monthly grant was equaled to 617 dollars). It is more favourable to Married couples to receive pension personally, instead of at once for two. The federal grant for such people made 796 dollars, and with the regular extra charge - 900 dollars monthly. That is why many steams get divorced, than natives of the former Union especially sin. By the way SSI can give and in 62 years if doctors establish physical inability at the person.
Social Security is a pension or social security of legal immigrants or citizens of the USA which have the seniority. The size such grant depends on the earned credits. For a year it is possible to earn no more than four credits. To receive pension in full volume, it is necessary to earn forty credits. The maximum size Social Security for the person who has retired in 65 years, made 1536 dollars a month. The pensioner could count on the average on 845 dollars, the married couple pension was equaled to 1410 dollars, widows with two children - 1696, the lonely widow - 811, the invalid with the spouse and the child - 1310, the lonely invalid - 786.
Besides, in case of death of the pensioner his family receives the disposable help, the monthly grant is necessary to the spouse and children also. Who was born before 1938 year their pension age in 65 years.  But in connection with change in the legislation the lath gradually increases till 67 years. It will concern the people who were born in 1960 and later.

Besides the above-stated grants, to pensioners the Federal program of medical aid aged - Medicare extends. On it to older persons assist in free treatment in hospitals, finance the doctor's help and medical service (periodic visiting of the pensioner by the nurse, fastening of the nurse to the elderly invalid and so on).
I will notice, that pensions of military men, businessmen, diplomats much above pensions of usual citizens and make some thousand dollars.
Personally I for three years have earned 14 credits, and to me the pension in size is appointed: $710 plus for Medicare: $165 a month. But to take advantage of this grant it was not possible because it was necessary to leave the USA on family circumstances...
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