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THE LIST OF 366 (47 certified weird)

Archangel (1990) Surreal, nearly silent meditation on forgetfulness set in an icy Russian city just after World War I

Begotten (1991) Legendary experimental film, featuring God disemboweling himself and other metaphysical atrocities

Blood Diner (1987) Severely out-of-whack horror-comedy with (possibly unconscious) fascist undertones

Carnival of Souls (1962) Low-budget creepfest is a minor miracle on film

The City of Lost Children [La cit; des enfants perdus] (1995) Visionary steampunk fairytale from Jeunet & Caro

A Clockwork Orange (1971) Kubrick weirds it up in this disturbing moral fable

Cowards Bend the Knee, or, the Blue Hands (2003) Typically surreal modern silent from the inimitable Guy Maddin mixing melodrama, Greek tragedy, psychosexual guilt, and hockey highlights

The Dark Backward (1991) The worlds worst comic nearly becomes an overnight success when he grows a third arm out of his back in this grotesque show business satire

Delicatessen (1991) Jeunet & Caros first film is a bizarre but oddly sweet black comedy involving cannibalism in post-apocalyptic Paris

Donnie Darko (2001)- Angsty, apocalyptic, fantastical drama about a screwed-up teen is an irresistibly lovable mess

Dont Look Now (1973) - Classic psychological horror with a weird twist

El Topo (1970) Mystical and surreal Spaghetti Western from Alejandro Jodorowsky

Eraserhead (1977) The ultimate nightmare experience, about horror at procreation and loathing for ones own offspring

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Jim Carrey unexpectedly shines as he fights against a memory-erasing procedure he impulsively undertook; a weird crowd-pleaser

Evil Dead II (1987) The frenetic, fantastic and crowd-pleasing movie about a man trapped in a cabin menaced by evil spirits, mixing equal parts horror and absurd slapstick comedy

Eyes Without a Face [Le Yeux sans Visage] (1965)- Georges Franjous influential, poetic horror film

Funky Forest: The First Contact (2005) Selection of surreal, interwoven sketches from three Japanese directors is uneven, as you would expect, but contains some of the weirdest sequences youre likely to come across

Greasers Palace (1972) a zoot-suited Jesus visits a Western town to enact a series of absurd parables

Gummo (1997) Indisputably weird but ceaselessly unpleasant portrait of hopeless white trash

Help! Help! The Globolinks [Hilfe! Hilfe! Die Globolinks] (1969) The worlds only psychedelic childrens opera about an alien invasion

The Horrors of Spider Island [Ein Toter hing im Netz] (1960) - A bad misogynist fever dream involving poorly dubbed buxom women, and some spiders, on an island

I Can See You (2008) This psychedelic campfire tale is slow to start, but climaxes in a 20 minute freakout

Im A Cyborg, But Thats OK [Saibogujiman Kwenchana] (2006) Romantic comedy set in a mental asylum is likely to remain the weirdest example of its genre

Ink (2009) Visually impressive low-budget fantasy about a mysterious figure who snatches a sleeping girl into a world of dreams

Jacobs Ladder (1990) big-budget cult mindtrip movie with unforgettable demonic hallucinations

Johnny Got His Gun (1971) antiwar classic about a limbless, blind and deaf casualty of the first World War, trapped inside his own head where he lives out a mixture of dreams and fantasies

Kung Fu Hustle (2004) totally off-its-rocker kung fu comedy/fantasy that became a smash international hit

The Lair of the White Worm (1988) Ken Russells ultra-fun, tongue-in-cheek horror movie filled with phallic symbols and impaled nuns

Malpertuis (1972) Harry K;mels big weird dark house tale was confusing and a flop despite the presence of Orson Welles, but drips with surreal atmosphere nonetheless

The Milky Way [La Voie Lactee] (1969) A dry and cerebral, but very weird, story by surrealist master Luis Bu;uel about two tramps  meet various Biblical characters and embodiments of Catholic heresies while traveling on a pilgrimage

Naked Lunch (1991) David Cronenbergs adaptation of the unadaptable William S. Burroughs novel features films scariest typewriters

Nostalghia (1983) Andrei Tarkovskys slow, beautiful, dreamlike spiritual parable about a homesick Russian poet in Italy

Pans Labyrinth (2006) Guillermo del Toros beautiful fairytale; a girl completes quests at a fauns behest, while her real world Fascist stepfather is a monster beyond all fantasy

Phantasm (1979) Crazy, nightmarish, obstinately illogical drive-in horror flick about a kid and a sinister funeral home, featuring the terrifying Tall Man

Pi (1998) amazing black and white photography and a pulsing electronica soundtrack drive this intellectual thriller about a mad math genius seeking a mystical number

The Reflecting Skin (1990) Uneven but sometimes powerful flick teeming with symbolism about a kid who thinks his widow neighbor is a vampire, among other strangenesses

Repulsion (1965)- Disturbing Roman Polanski peek inside Catherine Deneuves disintegrating mind

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Even without its bizarre cult following, this naughty musical b-movie spoof would have earned a place on the list

Silent Hill (2006) Sloppy scripting and apocalyptic imagery combine to create a truly weird experience

Stalker (1979): Andrei Tarkovskys slow, mystifying, beautiful science fiction parable about three mens journey to a room which can grant there innermost wishes

Steppenwolf (1974) The psychedelic effects in this faithful adaptation of Herman Hesses novel have dated badly

Synecdoche, New York (2008) Charlie Kaufman working without a net in this absurdist, recursive, and dreamlike story of a sad-sack theater director who builds a replica of New York City inside a warehouse

Tideland (2005) Terry Gilliams dark and controversial riff on Alice in Wonderland

Time Bandits (1981) Time-traveling, thieving dwarfs feature heavily in this weird kiddie film mixing fantasy, comedy and theology

Tromeo & Juliet (1996) The creators of The Toxic Avenger remake the Bards tale as an obscene punk epic, with predictably bizarre results

Waking Life (2001) The story of a young man who finds hes dreaming and cant wake up, with serious philosophical monologues and dialogues interspersed, painstakingly animated by over thirty artists in differing styles

The Wicker Man (1973) Horrifying and intelligent tale of a devout detectives search for a missing girl on a Scottish island where the residents have adopted an ancient pagan religion

BORDERLINE WEIRD (movies that arent weird enough to make the list on a first pass, but may get a second chance)

$9.99 (2008) A series of interwoven absurdist stories, featuring a dour chain-smoking angel, brought to you via Claymation

Adaptation (2002) Great twisty script, but in the end, may be too intellectual to be weird

Antichrist (2009) Despite some lapses in taste, Lars von Triers controversial, extreme and despairing take on horror is one of his spookiest and most mysterious efforts

Bad Boy Bubby (1993) Relentlessly offbeat character study of a man who was locked in a basement until age 40, then unleashed on modern Australia

The Box (2009) An adaptation of Richard Mathesons ethical sci-fi fable gets weirded up by Richard Kelly

Cure (1997) Pretty weird Japanese twist in the serial killer/police procedural genre

Dark Country (2009) noir-thriller mix about a honeymooning couple who run over a man in the desert

Dead Man (1995) Jim Jarmuschs anti-Western is hypnotic, dreamlike and strange, but is it one of the weirdest of all time?

Dr. Caligari (1989) This pop-surrealist work by a hardcore porn director suffers from bad acting, but it is weird as hell; likely to make the list on a second pass

Elevator Movie (2004) Surreal and minimalist independent feature about two people trapped in an elevator for months; weird as hell but marred by acting thats not up to par with the script

Girl Slaves of Morgana le Fay [Morgane et ses Nymphes] (1971)   A fairy tale for lesbian sex fetishists

House of 1,000 Corpses (2003) Rob Zombies cruel and self-indulgent Texas Chainsaw Massacre tribute is weird but not much fun

Kung Fu Arts [Hou Fu Ma] (1980) A Chinese princess marries Sida, the French Monkey Star in this zany chopsocky

The Limits of Control (2009) Jim Jamurschs ultra-minimalist anti-thriller about a Lone Man on an ambiguous assassination mission is an experiment in plotlessness

Nowhere (1997) Greg Arakis feature about directionless young people stalked by a rubber suited monster goes exactly where the title says

Oldboy (2003) Excellent, if extreme, Korean revenge drama could stand just a teaspoon more weirdness

A Serious Man (2009) The Coen brothers retelling of the Book of Job as an absurdist comedy is mystifying and brilliant in equal parts

Stay (2005) -A visually impressive psychological thriller that puts a tiny spin on a tired twistbut is it enough?

Twilight of the Ice Nymphs (1997) Guy Maddins color misfire has intriguing art design, at least

W the Movie (2008) Underground, surrealist attack on the Bush presidency will not be confused with the Oliver Stone pic by anyone who sees it


9 (2009) Shane Ackers intriguing short about ragdolls fighting robots in a post-apocalyptic world suffers from extension to feature length

Absurdistan (2008) charming, unusual, almost silent romantic comedy about a sex strike by the women of an isolated Central Asian village

A Journey into the Mind of P (2001) Guest review of the documentary on reclusive writer Thomas Pynchon

Angel Heart (1987) Supernatural noir thats well worth a watch, but not transcendentally weird

Annie Hall (1977) Touchstone romantic comedy/relationship movie that was innovative in breaking the fourth wall, but not weird

Army of Darkness (1992) The final (?) installment of the Evil Dead series is aimed at a more mainstream audience but is still of some interest

Automatons (2006) A girl living with robots in an underground bunker is the lone survivor of her race in this grainy throwback to 1950s style sci-fi

Beyond Re-Animator (2003) The zippy third sequel to the grossout zombie horror-comedy classic features more tasteless jokes and crazed carnage

Brainiac [El bar;n del terror] (1962) Cheap, silly Mexihorror featuring a hairy monster with a two-foot brain-sucking tongue that must be seen to be believed

Bug (2006) Ashley Judd is mesmerizing in this adaptation of a stage play about extreme paranoia

Christmas Evil (1980) Offbeat, low budget character study about a killer Santa thats not as exploitative as future films exploring the same territory

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000) the long running series hits a new low in bad taste with this installment, but of course, that was what they were aiming at

City Ninja [Tou Qing Ke; AKA Ninja Holocaust] (1985) Another crazy ninja movie, but this time with steamy sex scenes

Cold Souls (2009) Philosophical satire about soul removal and storage, starring Paul Giamatti as himself and a Russian soul mule

Comanche Station (1960) Alfred Eakers review of the Budd Boetticher cult Western

Coming Soon (2008) -  Guest review of the Czech bestiality mockumentary

Coraline (2009) Enjoyable animated childrens fantasy from the animator of A Nightmare Before Christmas

Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961) Flop Roger Corman comedy memorable only for its ridiculous monster

The Cremator [Spalovac Mrtvol] (1969) Review by Pamela de Graff.  This Expressionist/Surrealist mix about a disturbed Czech cremator during the rise of Nazism has a good chance to make the final list.

Cuban Rebel Girls (1959): A strange, but not very entertaining, exploitation movie with Errol Flynn and his 14-year old girlfriend.

Cuban Story [AKA The Truth About Fidel Castro Revolution] (1959) an odd pro-Castro documentary, financed and drunkenly narrated by Errol Flynn.  See Cuban Rebel Girls.

Cube 2: Hypercube (2002) Disappointing, if watchable, sequel to the surprise existential sci-fi hit

Cube Zero (2004) Even more disappointing than Cube 2, as the series devolves into just another B-movie

Deadgirl (2008) Provocative horror about teenagers using a zombie as a sex slave

Death Note (2006) Offbeat mystery/thriller from a popular Japanese magna featuring mystical cat-and-mouse games between vigilante who can kill with a stroke of the pen and the superdective who hunts him

Dracula (1931) Guest review.  Alfred Eaker argues that Dracula is more significant than modern critics acknowledge

Dracula (1992) Francis Ford Coppolas romantic take on the Dracula myth is so visually extravagant even Keanu Reeves cant completely ruin it

Drag Me to Hell (2009) A de-weirdified, PG-13 Evil Dead for the cineplexes?

Eden Log (2007) Mysterious French sci-fi about an amnesiac man trapped in a sewer-like maze

Edmond (2005) William H. Macy wanders around in a sub-par David Mamet script

Ex-Drummer (2007) Weird, but tedious and unpleasant, tale of a writer joining a punk group of handicapped  misfits to compete in a  Eurotrash battle of the bands

Eye of the Devil (1966) Occult thriller notably mainly as the acting debut of Sharon Tate, and for prefiguring the pagan revivalist premise that would be more memorably addressed in The Wicker Man (1973)

Feed (2005) Grotesque thriller about obesity fetishes features women being fed to death

The Fifth Element (1997) Luc Bessons attempt to make a space opera/comedy goes so far over the top that it very nearly becomes weird

Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare (2006) A visually and aurally ingenious, surrealistically inspired remake of a trash horror in the style of Andy Milligan, which sadly suffers from having no story to tell

Glen or Glenda (1953) Alfred Eaker argues that Eds transvestite doc is his best (worst?) work and the holy grail for naive surrealism

God Told Me To (1975) Larry Cohens wild bizarre genre pastiche mixes horror, science fiction and detective elements as a cop tries to find out why unrelated murderers all claim God told me to do it

Grace (2009) A woman gives birth to an undead baby in this interesting indie shocker

Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love (2003)   Well-meaning zom-com misfire

Growing Out (2009) low-budget film about a man growing out of a basement squanders weird potential by focusing on romance

Habit (1996) Interesting metaphorical take on the vampire myth from the viewpoint of an alcoholic Greenwich Village slacker

Happy Here and Now (2002) Michael Almereydas surreal New Orleans based drama about a missing girl, Internet chat rooms and soft-porn, direct-to-digital Internet film about a time-traveling Nicola Tesla.  Winner of our first review writing contest, by Pamela de Graff.

Heart of the Beholder (2005) Documentary on a crusade against a video store for stocking The Last Temptation of Christ

Housekeeping (1987) nonconformity sleeper about two orphaned girls raised by an eccentric aunt

House of the Dead (2003) The film that introduced the world to Uwe Boll is exactly like being trapped inside a bad video game

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (2009) High fantasy about a monk who makes a deal with the devil, from Terry Gilliam

In My Skin [Dans ma Peau] (2002) Disturbing, unflinching movie about a woman who begins devouring herself

Intacto (2001) Moody magical realist thriller about a world where luck can be stolen and won in weird contests, featuring an elderly Max von Sydow

Jannie Totsiens (1970) South African film archivist Trevor Moses describes the weird and allegorical South African variation on One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.  To our knowledge, this is the only full-length English language review of of this Afrikaans film available online!

Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes (2004) Guest review of the low-budget, avant-garde, performance artist retelling of the Gospel with Jesus as a woman

Karajan, or Beauty As I See It (2008) documentary on the life of eccentric conductor Herbert von Karajan

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) truth in advertising; this offbeat alien invasion spoof delivers exactly what the title promises

Lady Vengeance (2005) The conclusion of Parks Vengeance Trilogy features lots of weird moments, but actually works better in its straightforward scenes

The Land of the Lost (2009) Bizarre for a Hollywood blockbuster, but standard Will Ferrell comedy routines and grossout jokes aimed at middle-schoolers undo the weirdness factor in this tale of a land of dinosaurs, apemen and sleestaks

Lifeforce (1985) Tobe Hoopers followup to Poltergeist is a little flick about gratuitously nude space vampires

Little Ashes (2008) -  Biopic concerning a rumored collegiate love affair between Salvador Dal; and poet Federico Garc;a Lorca is thin on insights into fascinating men

The Lovely Bones (2009) A murdered girl watches her grieving family and unrepentant killer from a colorful, fantastic afterlife in Peter Jacksons iffy adaptation of a bestselling novel

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) The weirdest Mad Max movie is good goofy fun

Man Bites Dog [C'est arriv; pr;s de chez vous] (1992) Procvocative, sadistic, love-it-or-hate-it Belgian black comedy about a serial killer followed around by a documentary crew

Moon (2009) Thoughtful hard science fiction that flirts with weirdness in the opening reels

The Mothman Prophecies (2002) Hokey but effective parapsychological horror story

Mr. Sadman (2009) independent comedy about a mute Saddam Hussein impersonator restarting his life in Los Angeles

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996) - Disappointing feature adaptation of the cult TV series, ripping on the colorful 1955 sci-fi feature This Island Earth

Nekromantik (1987) Notorious, badly made necrophilia movie thats more concerned with grossing out than weirding out its audience

The Night Walker (1964) Obscure William Castle thriller featuring Barbara Stanwyck suffering surreal nightmares.  Guest review by Pamela de Graff.

Nine (2009) Non-weird musical ostensibly based on the twisted love life of Federico Fellini while making 8 1/2

Ninja Champion (1985) An exemplary Godfrey Ho cut-n-paste mess, with newly shot ninja footage inserted into an already ridiculous old kung fu movie to produce something impossible to follow

One Missed Call (2003) Takashi Miike adds some surreal style points near the end, but its basically a talky and purposelessly confusing J-Horror

The Other (1972) Creepy thriller set in the Great Depression about an evil twin

The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) Alfred Eaker believes Carl Theodore Dreyers devastatingly emotional account of the martyrdom of Joan of Arc may just be the greatest movie ever made

The Perfect Sleep (2009) Hyperbolic homage to film noir thats heavy on atmosphere and low on sense

Phoebe in Wonderland (2008) Indie flick with great acting from little Elle Fanning as a kid with psychological problems.  Not weird, despite a few scenes unwisely staged in Wonderland

Pontypoool (2008) Interesting spin on the zombie genre has the infection spread via language

Ponyo [Gake no ue no Ponyo] (2008) Hayao Miyazakis Japanese variation on The Little Mermaid is enchanting, but is considered one of his lesser works

Powder (1995) An albino teen with electromagnetic powers tries to fit in to redneck society

Prometheus Triumphant (2009) This attempt to make a modern Gothic silent film is a well-intentioned failure

S. Darko (2009) Two words for this unsanctioned direct-to-vide0 sequel to the classic Donnie Darko: not worthy

Satan Hates You (2009) Modern recreation of a Christian scare film, complete with drugs, sex, violence, demons, and redemption

Scars of Youth (2008) Low-budget tribute to Stalker has surprisingly accomplished visuals, but is undone by poor acting and not enough plot

The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) Wes Craven serves up a few memorable hallucinatory sequences in this interesting but uneven serious take on zombies

Sex and Lucia [Lucia y el Sexo] (2001) Arty dirty movie with a meta-narrative and nude Paz Vega

Shatter Dead (1994) -Thoughtful B-movie zombiefest where being a member of the living dead is just another lifestyle choiceand the dead are anxious to convert you to their way of thinking

The Shuttered Room (1967) H.P. Lovecraft adaptation aboutwell, about a shuttered room, and the unspeakable horror that lies inside it

Subject Two (2006) the subject of a medical experiment must die over and over so that the doctor can perfect his faulty resurrection formula

Surveillance (2008) Jennifer Lynchs long delayed second movie is a perverse cross between Natural Born Killers and a CSI episode

The Swimmer (1968) Burt Lancaster decides to swim his way home one afternoon via neighbors swimming pools, but finds himself impeded by allegory

The Tall T (1957): Budd Boettichers bleak, beautiful Western has a cult following

Ten Animated Films by Signe Baumane (2006) -Weird and sexy (female-oriented) shorts

Thirst (1979) Australian vampire tale about a lineal descendant of Elizabeth Bathorys involvement in the commercial blood farming industry

Thirst [Bawkji] (2009) Chan-wook Parks take on the vampire legend is arty and bloody, as expected, but surprisingly conventional at its heart

Threes a Crowd (1927) Guest review of Harry Langdons neglected silent classic

The Toxic Avenger (1984) Janitor nerd turns into mop-wielding mutant superhero in this gory, goofy and offensive cult spoof

The Toxic Avenger, Part II (1989) Toxie goes to Japan for more mayhem; the craziness remains, but the lighter tone makes this a moderately more pleasant entry in the series

The Toxic Avenger, Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie (1989) The producers scrape the bottom of the toxic waste barrel to come up with this third installment composed partially of extra footage from Part II

UHF (1989) Despite the author/stars name, Weird Als TV and movie spoof is only mildly offbeat

Visioneers (2008) Corporate satire/black comedy about exploding people, starring Zach Galifianakis

Viy (1967) Classic Gothic horror about a seminarian who must spend three nights praying over the corpse of a witch  produced in the Soviet Union, under-seen in the West

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968) Roger Corman produced curiosity mixing footage of a Soviet space opera with scenes of Mamie van Doren sunbathing in a clamshell bra

Watchmen (2009) Weird by superhero movie standards, at least

Where the Wild Things Are (2009) Spike Jonzes visionary retelling of the classic childrens book is a trip inside a kids psyche, not a movie for kids

White Zombie (1932) Atmospheric classic horror with traditional Haitian zombies, Bela Lugosi, and a silent film aesthetic

The Wizard of Oz (1939) It may not be quite weird, but its the must-see fantasy

Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006) Quirky indie romantic comedy/road movie set in a bleak afterlife reserved for suicides

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) This often overlooked Speilberg-produced kids adventure is worth seeing for its creepy, inventive and ahead-of-their-time hallucinatory effects

Zorg and Andy (2009) Microbudgeted B-comedy that may be worth a look (if you can find it) for the pig-headed collegian and the penis-y fertility statue


An Animated Short Film (2007) An intensely creative animated film with an original piano score hiding humbly  behind a generic title

At Land (1944) Legendary experimental filmmaker Maya Derens short odyssey of a sea nymphs unhappy visit to our dry world

Autumnir (2005) experimental, impressionistic montage of a German park in autumn

Between Two Ferns: Episode 1; - The first installment Zack Galifiankis absurdist web talk show, with an uncomfortable Michael Cera as the interview victim

Bimbos Initiation (1931) Another bizarre and surreal Flesicher Brothers cartoon.  Wanna be a member?

Crooked (Orcus) Rot (2008) Experimental stop-motion animation filled with creepy imagery

Doxology (2007) an experimental head trip containing floating carrots, dancing cars, and a tennis ball crashing into the moon.

Dream in Green (2007) Gustafer Yellowgolds acclaimed animated childrens music has fanciful storybook pictures for the kiddies and infectious melodies for adults

Gordons Surreal Senior Project Film #2 Young Gordon shows some promise in this experiment with a self-explanatory title

Green Porno Fly (2008) Representative episode from the Sundance Television series with Isabella Rossellini describing the mating habits of insects in a weird but scientifically accurate way

Halloween Trash (2007) Something called Shaye St. John verbally abusing trick-or-treaters!

Headlessness (2004) Trippy journey to the holy mountain cartoon

The Heart of the World (2000) Guy Maddins award-winning short love letter to silent Soviet cinema

He Did and He Didnt (1916) Roscoe Arbuckles humorous, expressionistic nightmare.

Henri (2007) The depressingly hilarious monologue of a housecat filled with ennui

Hesperus (2006) apocalyptic, Rotoscoped sci-fi tale with a unique visual sense

Its Intermission Time! (2007) A trip to the drive-in snack bar brings unexpected consequences in this zany parody of movie popcorn pitches

Life and the Mirror (2007) Short, surreal film from Julio Pereira.

Nachtmahr: Geistergang (2008) -Nightmarish amateur experimental short

One Pill (2009) Atmospheric meditation on memory and forgetfulness

Rabbit (2005) Award-winning, scary animated anti-greed fable about a girl who finds a magical idol inside the body of a rabbit

Red Hot Drops (2005) Weirdly drawn music video by animator/musician Chad Vangaalen

Royal Game (2007) Two porcelain-faced beings play a mystical game of chess, accompanied by an original score for guitar and percussion

Salad Fingers Cupboard (2007) this representatively bizarre episode from David Firths weird animated web series sees Salad Fingers driven into his safety cupboard by unpleasant radio broadcasts

The Sleep of Reason (2002) Theres a strong Guy Maddin feel to this evocative short about a mental patient undergoing shock therapy

Spacious Thoughts (2009) Experimental animated music video from N.A.S.A., featuring the voices of Kool Keith and Tom Waits

Sultana Meadows (2006) Amatuer, but highly Lynchian, short film from Spike McKenzie

The Threatened One (1999) Sexy animated take on Jorge Luis Borges melancholy love poem

Three or Apple? (2009) Experimental, nearly silent tinted short from Serbia refers to Bu;uel and the Biblical story of creation

Twelve Days of Black Mass (2009) Another creepy Christmas short, this one featuring a spooky doll performing mysterious rituals accompanied by Sesame Street style graphics

Umo (2007) A psychedelic, tribal music video from the avant-garde Japanese band OOIOO

X-Mess Detritus (2008) A joyous, memento mori stop-motion animated Christmas short, from Voltaire

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